Pirate Bay Proxy

What is Pirate Bay?

The Pirate Bay is an online index of digital content of entertainment media and the software which was introduced by Swedish think tank piratbyran in the year of 2003. It allows the users to search and download the files and it also helps in sharing the files and facilitates peer to peer file sharing. It is available in thirty five languages which primarily includes English and Swedish. It tracks the files that can be downloaded using the BitTorrent protocol and sharing of files over the internet and it is totally free of cost and it is a large online community in its forum and it’s Internet Relay Chat.

BitTorrent protocol is nothing but that enables fast downloading of large files even at very slow internet connection. It also maximizes the gathering the files and downloading it simultaneously. The pirate bay is commonly used to download very big file such as television programs and other entertainment videos. It does not require any login details to search or download the files.

 The Working of Pirate Bay

The pirate bay works mainly on the BitTorrent protocol as it enables a quick and fast downloading and sharing of files and it also uses the peer to peer networking application which interconnects the peers to share the resources among each other without the use of central administrative system. At once the user starts downloading the files the torrent files helps the user to locate the peers and downloads the files.

 Pirate Bay Proxy

The user can remind either as a seeder or a leecher, the seeder provides all parts of the files after downloading whereas the leecher downloads the file and do not provides the parts of the file which they have downloaded for the others. The Pay Bay also shows the number of seeders and leechers of the current file which the user is searching for. It also allows the users to publish their new file by registering in it.

 Advantages of using The Pirate Bay

The major advantage is the user doesn’t get any corrupted files because the torrent clients are very keen at maintaining the integrity of the file throughout the downloading of the file. It helps is downloading the files at very high speed even at a low internet bandwidth. The files can be downloaded without any delay even after some interruptions occur such as receiving a call and many others. It is very easy to find the files that the user likes to view or download and it provides a high quality content of the files.



concept of donation pledges

The concept of donation pledges


Most of the largest organisations are totally dependent on fundraising and endowments. The proper implementation of the pledge management functionality can actually allow one to be easily edited as well as update the pledge details which can go well with each payment, which can be enough to help the organization and the donors with the reliable flexibility.

The system is something which is Intuitive & Affordable

They are the eons which can help fit any budget as well as go with the comfortable installation requirements. One can also choose to go with the Multiple Installation Options. One can also choose to go with the online access to the data, or sometimes also with the database installation all of which can work well.  Such an idea can work well in the form of the Integrated Growth Path which is based on getting success and growth. The start can be made with the primary stages into consideration which gets updated. One can also harness the Extensive Standard Features which can come with the impressive array of standard features. Some of these are like the unlimited donors, perfectly sound customizable interface, built-in letter templates, as well as everything else. With the service, one can be sure to get the Unrivaled Customer Service.

fundraising and endowments

Why are pledges so important?

Pledges can actually prove to be the most effective way to help increase donations as well as donor loyalty. The management is done with the use of the best tools that can never make the tasks to go unmanageable. There are special features which can actually make them the best. The donation pledges can work the best.

  • One can choose to Quickly lay out the payment schedule
  • It can help Keep track of the payments all of which are overdue
  • The program can also Keep pledges coming in regularly.
  • The idea can also Get one your overview of the campaign


The overall idea that is brought about can be enough to help Easily accommodate all kinds of the pledge changes, which can also come with the value for the original promise. This can be something which can also come with a certain amount of money. They can also prove to be manageable especially when they are broken down into payments. The work can be an easier one with all the details of the pledge, the idea about the total pledge, payment sizes, schedule as well as ten lengths of pledge commitment.