How to use VPN翻牆 to break China’s Firewall?

What is it?

The Great Wall of China is sourced and created so that the barbarians can be kept out, and there is no terror formed on the security head of china. In the digital era, the same thing is done with the use of a good systematized firewall which is created by china. This allows the Chinese government to block all the links to foreign websites. This also helps the government to keep a track on what their citizens are doing and whether or not the work is illegal. To break the firewall, there are sources like VPN 翻牆, which can help you to find several ways to enable networking system breaking the system barrier.

How does the VPN works?

Using the VPN for breaking the fireball is a game of cat and mouse. The government of China has said that the citizens are always monitored under their watch. These are the VPN which are used for a specific period of time. This enables the adblockers to work so that when you are sourcing onto a site which is outside the barrier, the blocker will act and will break the link.

There might be a VPN ban in China, but a lot of people uses this VPN 翻牆 to enable their source of surfing into sites which are not listed by the government.


From news sites to other sources on Google, everything can be broken with the use of this VPN link. Suppose you are visiting China, and you want to post the pictures that you have taken in your WhatsApp group. Due to the block, a lot of different sites cannot be accessed. But if you have the VPN for your website, then you can access your WhatsApp group and then share your experience. Most probably, sites like Snapchat and Instagram can also be used with the help of this VPN.

Is it safe to use?

Well, this VPN is safe to use unless the government officials know that you are using a third party to locate a banned link. You have to be extra careful and keep your phone onto the highest security so that it cannot be hacked. If you provide this VPN, then your phone gets a fake virtual address which is added to your phone. This way, you can trick the apps into thinking that you are no longer in the location so that you can access the apps.